1 Month Foundation Course


Photography has become a popular form of hobby. Now day’s people buy DSLR camera to take their love for photography to better level. This is a hobby course where student will learn DSLR camera operations and image editing related to colour correction. Those who love travel photography or bought a new camera can opt this course.

Regular: Janak Puri I Punjabi Bagh
Weekend: Janak Puri I Karol Bagh

Course Content

Unit 1 – DSLR Camera operations

    • Aperture and its working
    • Shutter and its working
    • ISO and its relation with sensor
    • Exposure Triangle – TTL
    • Types of Lenses and its filters

Unit 2 – Composition

    • How to frame subject
    • Types of Frames

Unit 3 – Types of photography

    • Street Photography
    • People Photography
    • Monument Photography

Unit 4 – Picture Editing

    • Editing tools
    • Image resizing for uploading & printing
    • Colour correction methods

Unit 5 – Photowalks

    • Qutub Minar
    • Chandini Chowk

Note: Students have to reach the location by their own and have to pay entry fee where ever required. All expenses related to travel are paid by students.