1 Year Professional Photography Diploma (Still + Video)


Most students aspiring to take up professional photography as a career option understand the need to enhance their skills in other related niches. The most important of these niches is videography, which shares many common aspects of photography. We at IOP offer one of the most relevant and quality oriented diploma course covering both these visual arts to helps students get a competitive advantage when they are ready to enter the professional world.

What The Course Offers

The course expands on the one-year professional photography diploma course to include the details of professional videography. In addition, it also covers the various aspects of still photography in a comprehensive manner so that the students do not face any difficulty in starting a career in the field even immediately completing the course.  The course covers topics related to different types of photography and the best ways to compose and edit images. It also focuses on educating the training about the various aspects of making a professionally impressive video.

Why Choose IOP

We are one of the best institutes for pursuing still and Fashion Photography Courses under the guidance of top ranked professionals from the field. We offer all the necessary facilities and infrastructure to ensure that the trainees are able to make the most out of their education with us. In addition, our reasonable course price and lenient admission policies make it possible for aspiring candidates from diverse economical backgrounds to fulfill their dream of earning great success as a professional photographer.


    • What is photography and types of photography?
    • History of Photography
    • History of Film Photography
    • Types of Film and how it is different from Digital
    • Single Lens Reflex camera
    • Twin Lens Reflex camera
    • Camera Obscura

DSLR Camera Operations

    • Aperture and its working
    • Shutter and its working
    • Shutter and Aperture relationship
    • Exposure and bracketing
    • Light Metering – TTL
    • Exposure metering methods
    • ISO
    • Depth of Field
    • Types of Lenses
    • Types of cameras
    • Filters
    • Camera Accessories
    • Sensor: CMOS & CCD
    • Picture style
    • Shooting modes
    • Internal flash system
    • External flashes
    • Megapixel and Vga
    • Resoultion and picture quality
    • Golden tringle & square
    • RAW & JPEG
    • Hand-held light meter
    • White balance and custom
    • Zooming & Panning
    • Color Theory

Studio Lighting

    • Working of studio lights and equipment
    • Background equipment (paper & cloth)
    • Single light shoots
    • 2 point lighting
    • 3 point lighting
    • 4 point lighting
    • Creative portrait lighting
    • Digital and mannual lights
    • High key and low key shoots
    • Out door studio lighting
    • Shooting using light tent
    • Understanding diffuser and reflectors

Types of Photography

    • People photography
    • Still life Photography
    • Water splash
    • Monument photography
    • Portfolio Photography
    • Night Photography
    • Food Photography
    • Wedding Photography Tips
    • Pre-wedding photography Tips
    • Photojournalism & Spots Photography Tips
    • Macro Photography
    • Landscape photography
    • Street photography
    • Jewelry Photography
    • Fashion Photography
    • Product Photography
    • Modeling Photography
    • Event Photography
    • Candid Photography

Picture Editing

    • Understanding the tools and their utility
    • Basics of editing software
    • Photo merging
    • Photo clean up
    • Multi shoots
    • Skin clean up
    • Selection tools
    • Changing background and foreground
    • Fashion Editing
    • Collarge
    • Smoke editing
    • Colour correction and enhancement
    • Creating HDR images
    • Masking, cloning and patch removal
    • Overlay
    • Liquify
    • High pass
    • Surface blur
    • Abstract shapes
    • Dodge & burn tool
    • Black & white editing
    • Selective colour


    • What is composition and its types.
    • What is subject & how to choose a subject.
    • Rule of third
    • Rule of odds
    • Rule of simplicity
    • Rule of balancing
    • Rule of leading lines
    • View point and framing
    • Rule of space
    • Rule of colours

Videography – DSLR

    • Histry of videography
    • Understanding frame rate
    • Video formats – NTSC & PAL
    • Understanding DSLR camera
    • Using stabilizers and sliders
    • Effective use of tripod in camera movements
    • Types of camera movements
    • Types of compositions
    • Studio lighting for video shoots
    • White balance
    • Out door lighting
    • Croma key
    • Documentory
    • Travel videos
    • Unboxing Videos
    • Colour correction
    • Time lapse
    • Hyper lapse
    • Stop motion
    • Video editing software

Note: Expenses related to travel, fashion, food or anything which is non durable will be charged by the students on sharing basis.

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