1 Year Professional Photography Diploma (Still)


If you are seriously considering a career in the field of photography, then the professional diploma course is something that you cannot do without. We at IOP offer a 1 year professional photography diploma that makes you skilled and competent enough to work with the finest photographers from across the globe. Our course helps to shape your future and give the right direction and purpose to your inherent skill so as to help you realize the dream of becoming a renowned photographer. It not only prepares you for a long and successful career, but also trains you to start your own photography venture and take it to the height of success.

About The Course

With our professional diploma course you get to learn about the concepts and aspects relevant in the real world of photography. You are trained with a significant focus on approaching the subject in a practical manner while also imparting necessary theoretical knowledge. You get an opportunity to interact with professional photographers active in the field and learn through their insights and experiences. You also learn to use and integrate latest technologies into your profession so as to provide the most astounding and satisfying results.

Why Us

We are renowned as one of the best and most affordable Photography College in Delhi.  We focus on making learning an exciting experience so that you are able to enjoy every aspect of professional photography. We provide the right infrastructure and the ambience to nurture your skill and turn you into an expert professional.

Course Content

Unit 1 – History and Basics of photography

  • Lesson 1 : Basics
    • What is photography
    • History of photography
    • Shutter, Aperture & ISO
  • Lessons 2 : Know your Camera
    • Getting to know Your Gear
    • Controlling the camera
    • Lenses
    • Filters
    • TTL Metering
  • Lessons 3 : Know your light
    • Exposure
    • Characteristics of Natural light
    • Artifical light
    • Research, Preparation, and Understanding

Unit 2 – Composition

  • Lessons 4 : How to frame subject
    • Composition
    • The Subject and the Frame
    • Mastering Composition
    • Shooting Techniques

Unit 3 – Photography Business

  • Lessons 5 : How to be professional
    • Portfolio Development
    • Freelance Opportuitites
    • Business of photography
    • Marketing and Branding
    • Pricing and Clienting

Unit 4 – Advancing your photography

  • Lessons 6 : Advance Photography
    • Low Key
    • High Key
    • Fashion Photography
    • Portfolio Photography
    • Night Photography
    • Food Photography
    • Wedding Photography Tips
    • Photojournalism & Spots Photography Tips
    • Landscape Photography
    • People Photography
    • Monument Photography
    • Jewellery Photography
    • Abstract Photography
    • Special Techniques
      • HDR
      • Timelapse
      • Hyperlapse
      • Panorama
      • Candid Photography
      • Light Painting
      • Stop Motion Photography
      • Creative Shutter

Unit 5 – Photoshop

  • Lessons 7 : Post processing
    • Complete post processing guide
    • Skin Smoothing
    • Retouching
    • Masking
    • Complete photoshop and Lightroom editing(Image Editing)
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