3 Months Filmmaking Diploma


Nowadays many of the youngsters are interested in films and media industry. Most of them wants to learn about the art of creating films. 3 Months Filmmaking Diploma is the best way to learn about making Films. This course will expand your inner creativity and let you explore most of the industry level aspects of filmmaking.
This Course is entirely focused on practical knowledge. Students will get to learn about the different film genres like Documentary filmmaking, Corporate promotional films, Music films, Short films etc.

Regular: Janak Puri

Course Content

Unit 1 – Pre Production

    • Basics of story writing
    • Basics of screenplay
    • What is location hunting
    • How to work in a film crew

Unit 2 – Production

    • Basics of Shooting
    • Working with DOP
    • Working with actors
    • How to use slate properly
    • Recording Sound on set
    • Different types of camera angles and Composition
    • Camera Movements

Unit 3 – Post Production

    • Overview of Editing Softwares
    • Learn to edit like a professional editor
    • Dubbing
    • Music
    • Color Correction
    • Stabilizing Footage
    • Final Screening of the Project

Note: Students have to reach the location by their own and have to pay entry fee where ever required. All expenses related to travel are paid by students.

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