Over the past few years there has been a significant rise in the number of people seeking professional training to learn enough about the various aspects of photography to take it up as a full time profession. As a leading institute offering world class training to aspiring candidates, we understand that the photography training needs of students vary according to their individual level of skill with the camera, creativity and experience in handling different types of cameras. In addition, the type of training sought also depends on the why the candidates need to learn the skill in the first place. That is why we offer a variety of full and part time photography courses to match the diverse training needs of individual candidates.

Types of Courses

Whether you are looking for a photography course that fine tunes your skills to enable you to enjoy your hobby better, or whether you are looking for a course that puts you at an almost equal footing with some of the best professional photographers, we have a course to meet your needs. Our programs range from courses aimed at providing basic knowledge about the different aspects of photography to professional Diploma in Photography intended for candidates who want to take it up as a profession. In accordance with its type, a course offered by our institute can be of duration of 3 to 6 months or even complete 1 year. We also offer an advanced 1 year diploma program that offers training about both still photography and videos.


Irrespective of the course you choose to pursue through our institution, you can be assured of getting the following benefits.

  • High quality training in the most efficient and cost effective manner
  • Weekend photography courses to suit your availability and other needs
  • An affordable fee structure and provision to pay in installments for longer duration courses
  • Non profit photography trip arranged as a part of training on a regular basis
  • Unlimited number of free photo walks
  • No necessity of having your own camera to get admission
  • Training offered by the best professionals having extensive expertise.

Basic Photography Courses

Photography has become a popular form of hobby. Now day’s people buy DSLR camera to take their love for photography to better level. This is a hobby course where student will learn DSLR camera operations and image editing related to colour correction.

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Advanced Photography Courses

If you love photography and are planning to take your hobby to the next level by making it your career, then you should definitely join an institute which provides diploma in Photography.There are many institutes in Delhi that offer the best photography courses.

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Professional Filmmaking Diploma

DSLR and Mirrorless cameras offers a variety of functions to give a kick start to the beginners in filmmaking. Institute of Photography, with its Five months filmmaking course focuses on educating the students on the current technology and giving them industry level knowledge.

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