Wedding Photography Diploma – Still & Video

Course Content

  • Complete DSLR Camera Operations
  • Working of Studio Strobes and external Flashes
  • Photo Album Designing
  • DSLR Videography Techniques
  • Videography Equipment – Slider/Gimbal/Tripod
  • Video Editing – Premiere

Wedding photography diploma is a complete wedding photography course for individuals who wish to start a profitable career in wedding photography .Wedding Photography is not about capturing the event, but it’s about capturing the emotions and feelings in a frame At present, there are many wedding photography institute in Delhi. A well-known institute, Institute of Photography is going to start its new course, wedding photography diploma.

This is going to be one of the best wedding photography coursesin Delhi.  As this wedding photography course designed to sharpen your skills so that you become perfect in your work. This course will empower you to push your boundaries and improve the quality of your wedding photography.Institute of Photography is going to be the first wedding photography institute in Delhi which will provide the wedding photography diploma in three different stages the Basics, Advance and Digital Image Editing Techniques. In today’s fast-growing market Wedding Photography is one of the highest income generating genres of photography.

The reason why the wedding photography diploma provided by the Institute of Photography is the best wedding photography course​ in Delhi is that the education you how to work around the restrictions in a wedding like uncontrolled environments, mixed lighting conditions and the fact that there are no chances for a retake, etc. All these little things make wedding photography a big challenge. IOP believes that being a professional wedding photographer means clicking amazingly beautiful photographs regardless of the circumstances, hence they train you for all the challenges that would come in your way as a wedding photographer. They have a specialized team of experts who specialize in wedding photography. They will teach you the nuances involved in wedding photography and they will also share their experiences with you.

Apart from teaching you the techniques involved in wedding photography, the course is designed in such a way that it will discuss the modern wedding photography scenario not only as an art but also as a business. This particular lesson, you will learn the basics about the pricing, presentation and marketing, techniques you will need after successful completion of the course.