1 Year Professional Photography & Film Making Diploma


DSLR and Mirrorless cameras offers a variety of functions to give a kick start to the beginners in filmmaking. Institute of Photography, with its Five months filmmaking course focuses on educating the students on the current technology and giving them industry level knowledge so that they can push their career in filmmaking.

This course is designed for people who are passionate about filmmaking. Students who join the course will learn how to produce Ad films, Short films, Corporate Films and Travel films.

The course is mostly based on practical knowledge where students will create videos under the expert guidance.

Students will also learn about different editing software’s and new editing techniques.

So if you are willing to be the next Filmmaker, Join the Five months filmmaking diploma now.

Regular: Janak Puri

Course Content

Unit 1 – Pre Production

    • How to write a story
    • Basics of Script Writing
    • Crew and Location Hunting
    • Basic of Story Boarding

Unit 2 – Production

    • How to follow script to shoot the film.
    • Working with actors.
    • How to record sound on set.
    • Camera Movements
    • Composition
    • Types of shots and where to use them
    • Use of colors in telling stories
    • Working with clapper

Unit 3 – Post Production

    • Premier Overview
    • Working on timeline
    • Working with sound
    • Types of cuts
    • Different styles of editing video
    • Syncing sound in post
    • End Slate and Titles
    • Adding Music to the film to tell story

Note: Students have to reach the location by their own and have to pay entry fee where ever required. All expenses related to travel are paid by students.

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