Summer School


Summers are the time when schools and colleges give rest to their students for 1.5 months and it is the time when one can convert their hobby into passion. Photography nowadays is the most popular hobby among youngsters, whether they are school students or college people. Everyone nowadays have DSLR’s and Smartphones but they do not know how to operate the camera properly.

Summer school is the best way to utilize the summer vacations and convert their favorite hobby into passion.

Note: Expenses related to travel, monument tickets or camera entry fee will be paid by the students.

Course Content

Unit 1 – Basics of Photography

    • What is Photography?
    • Role of Aperture in Photography
    • Role of Shutter in Photography
    • Role of ISO in Photography

Unit 2 – Smartphone and DSLR Photography

    • How to hold camera properly?
    • How to frame a Picture?
    • Basics of Composition
    • Using Different apps to enhance Smartphone Photography.

Unit 3 – Photoshop and Camera Raw

    • Basics of Photoshop
    • How to adjust,Crop,Drag an Image?
    • How to Change Background of an Image?
    • Color Correction

Note: Students have to reach the location by their own and have to pay entry fee where ever required. All expenses related to travel are paid by students.

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